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Regular dental cleanings can make a big difference in not only your child’s oral hygiene but their overall health and well-being, too. Oscar Luna, DDS, at Culmore Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics recommend cleanings and checkups every six months to keep your child's mouth healthy and to detect any concerns before they become major problems. Call the office in Falls Church, Virginia, or schedule using the online booking system today.

Cleanings Q&A

What can I expect at my child's dental cleaning appointment?

Dental cleanings are an essential part of good oral hygiene and they help prevent diseases in the rest of your body.

Dr. Luna makes sure your child feels comfortable and helps take the fear out of a dental cleaning appointment. When your child comes in for a cleaning, the hygienists first examine their mouth, including their teeth, gums, tongue, and throat.

Next, the dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar from their teeth and around the gumline. You may hear some scraping as they remove the plaque and tartar, but it shouldn’t hurt at all. The more tartar there is around the gums, the longer this part of the cleaning takes.

After the scraping procedure, your hygienist cleans your child's teeth with a high-powered electric tooth polisher. The noise the polisher makes might sound a little scary, but it gives your teeth a deep cleaning.

Finally, when your child's teeth are polished, your hygienist flosses in between every tooth. If your child flosses regularly at home, this part of the cleaning probably won’t bother them at all. However, if they rarely floss, it may irritate their gums or even make them bleed a little.

At the end of the cleaning, Dr. Luna examines your child's teeth and gums thoroughly for any signs of decay or problem areas. He may recommend a fluoride treatment as a way to protect your teeth and help fight against cavities between professional dental cleanings.

When does my child need X-rays?

Dr. Luna recommends two professional cleanings a year, and if your child's teeth are in overall good health, they take X-rays during just one of those cleanings.

Everyone is different, so the dentists advise what’s best for you. If your child hasn’t been to the dentist in a long time, they may take X-rays at their first appointment to ensure that they have an accurate picture of their teeth both above and below your gums.

What if my child has a cavity?

Dr. Luna can see if your child has any cavities when they examine their teeth. Most likely, your hygienist also alerts you to any areas of concern during the cleaning.

If your child does have a cavity, the dentist recommends the next step in treating it, which is usually coming back to have a filling installed in the damaged tooth.

Call or schedule an appointment online today for your child’s next cleaning at Culmore Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.